Imagine a shopping mall that is always open. It’s a mall where you can compare prices from a wide variety of suppliers, seek the best deal and have your purchases delivered right to your front door. This is the promise of e-commerce and it’s already open for business.

Electronic commerce is the marketplace of the future. With all kinds of businesses setting up on the Internet, you can shop for a new car, green groceries, books and clothes, do your banking and investing any time of of the day. Search engines and other tools let you use the Internet to find the products you need.

Online Australia is designed to:

  • help Australians succeed online
  • build Australia’s online communities
  • involve Australians in determining and participating in the nation’s online future
  • give Australian businesses a chance to be reviewed by the experts

Online Australia is a major awareness raising initiative developed to engage all Australians in an economy-wide process of expanding Australia’s productive, confident and vibrant online presence.

Online Australia comprises a national program of events and activities which focus national attention on information economy developments and issues.

Online Australia seeks to address the interests of all Australians and engage them in the new and exciting opportunities of the online world. It aims to involve all Australians in a wide variety of online and related activities and provide information resources, practical advice and assistance, and ways to participate in online initiatives.