Investing in yourself and your staff is a fantastic, pre-tax way of demonstrating you take them and the business seriously. Safety training more specifically, is just about the best investment you can make for your business and not something you can expect to take care of itself.

For better or worse Australia sits on the more conservative side of things when it comes to workplace regulation. This is meant to protect employees and employers alike but it can present unwanted problems for business owners. Calling in the services of someone like Work Pro to offer certified safety training allows you to share the responsibility of a safe workplace with your staff.

Safety at the work place is serious and should not be ignored!

OHS Management Includes:

  • Conducting a OHS system assessment to identify gaps and remedies required
  • Conducting a workplace assessment to identify specific hazards and negotiate risk control measures
  • Providing information on specific risks and risk control measures within the client workplace
  • Continually monitoring the site for new hazards and ensuring risk control measures remain effective
  • Maintain a system for reporting and resolving OHS issues raised by on-hired workers