I’m rather involved in my local golf club here in Melbourne and for a long time a few of us have had the idea of a golfing holiday together. After weeks of research and speaking to a few other golfing members at the course, I came across China Golf Experience. I built a relationship with Steven and asked him to put together a package for eight people over summer.

Steven organised a China holiday packages for all of us that we just couldn’t refuse.

Below is where we went, Mission Hills (a twelve course 18-hole course golf resort, located in the town of Guanlan in Shenzhen).

golf china
Picture sourced from http://www.missionhillschina.com/en-US/shenzhen/golf

With Steven’s help, this was a great way to kick off what is likely to be something of a tradition of golfing and travelling together.

I don’t know how he did it, because when I asked about booking direct they gave me a price that was nearly double of what we paid.

We really appreciate the help and effort that went into booking this holiday and just had to thank the team at China Golf Experience for their wonderful work and have no issues in recommending them to other golf enthusiasts.

James showing us how it’s done.