I am a naturopath and nutritionist based in St Kilda, Melbourne and am writing about my experience with Fluid Plex by PPC Herbs. I have several clients who I consult to regularly for excess fluid retention in areas of the body such as the legs and abdomen. My clients come to me with swelling, bloating and sometimes muscle cramps, mainly in pregnant women or those with kidney disease. The fluid retention occurs because of abnormal pressure inside the capillaries. The lymphatic system can often be overwhelmed with the pressure which then causes swelling in the tissue. I have prescribed Fluid Plex by PPC Herbs to provide a kidney cleanse and assist with the fluid retention and it has worked effectively for all my clients, reducing the swelling and alleviating the discomfort. The ingredients in the Kidney Detox remedy are combined and blended to work together to help with the symptoms and assist with the general health and wellbeing of my clients. Ingredients such as bearberry leaf, marshmallow root and ginger root work to reduce the inflammation of the urinary tract, while parsley leaf and golden rod herb are diuretics, aiding urinary output. I particularly like to use PPC Herbs as they’re an Australian-owned, certified organic company so I know I’m giving my clients the best product there is on the market.