I am not one to usually post reviews, but I am so happy it is hard not to!

I use the Internet to vent a fair bit. I love to go online and exercise my right to complain about bad service, unreasonable prices and all the rest. I figured it was only responsible of me to voice my recent pleasure online as well. I’m a digital marketing consultant and have, through the course of my work over the last several years, encountered a pretty broad spectrum of SEO providers. It took a long time before we really had any good operators here in Melbourne with a lot of companies talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

SEO has become increasingly nuanced over the years and evolved into something of an art form. If you were to accept this analogy, you could say rankONE in Melbourne, have emerged as superior artists.

I have taken some screen shots to show an example of the amazing results achieved.

For confidential reasons I have not shown the keywords or the client name, as we do not want to show our competitors the words we are going for and how dominant we are.


This client has opted for a 15 keyword package and this is at the 3 months mark.

You may think to yourself, the words must be easy – if results have been achieved this quickly than they probably are not bringing in any traffic and are just there to make the client happy.

Here is a the traffic increases.


So Google Analytics was only installed into the site late July 2013.

Traffic in August was up to 1,540.

September numbers went to 2,190.

And now in October, on the 10th, so not even half way and we are already at 1,180.

With all the Google Updates recently and all the talk about SEO not being a cost effective marketing tool, here is proof!

I will keep using rankONE with all my other clients and recommend their services to everyone who wants results. (As long as they are not competing with my clients).