About 6 or 7 weeks ago, my partner and I moved into a new apartment in the city. We used to live out in the suburbs but we moved when my partner started a new job in town as an ambulance driver. His hours can be pretty crazy and he was always working in the city, so it made sense that we should move there. We love the change of scenery and we’ve found so many things to keep us occupied, but the one thing we’re really missing is our backyard. Before the move, our old place had a huge backyard that the two of us were pretty proud of but we don’t even have one at our apartment, just a small balcony off one side. Determined to make it work, I did a bit of research to see what sort of gardening or planting I could do in such a small space and came across O2 Plant Walls. They specialise in wall gardens, so we ordered a vertical herb garden and installed it on the wall of the balcony. It looks really great! Thanks, O2 Plant Walls. If you’re space deprived, too, you should definitely give them a call.