The devil is in the details. It’s true of most things and certainly of life insurance. If you’ve ever taken the time to actually compare offerings and caveats of some of the major policies you will find some pretty stark contrasts. What looks great on the surface often has some pretty serious conditions.

From very early on during this research I realised I was a little out of my depth.

I check out some of the big website for the best life insurance comparison and information and then spoke to a few brokers to see if they could do anything better.

Insurance Quotes R Us really impressed me. A lot of companies seemed to know their stuff but insurance quotes are us were obliging and had really common sense ways of explaining things.

They also seemed to be able to get some great deals from the major insurance providers.

It looks like I have been given a great value policy which no other company could get me, so for me, Insurance Quotes R Us were the company to use for my Life Insurance.

Hope this helps with your search.