plus size clothing

If you have always been a slim figured woman and have never had to struggle to find plus size women’s clothing that is fashionable, than it will be hard for you to understand the leaps and bounds that plus size fashion has made over the past few years.

It was not uncommon for the only options in women’s plus size clothing to one of two things.

1. A mesh woven material skirt, with unflattering layers and lacklustre patterns and deigns that looked too mature or overly sparkly.

2. Bedazzled tops, which looked cheap and tacky.

With more and more celebrities wanting to be fashionable when they are pregnant, dresses are now being made from size 6 to 24 to accommodate.


A great place we like to shop for womens plus size clothing is Plus HQ – a Melbourne owned company with affordable plus size clothing that lets you look the part on not daggy and old fashioned.