We all know about Novo for shoes, I’ve been using them for years. I guess I just never thought to look at them for anything else. So I can’t tell you how long they’ve sold handbags or how long their women’s handbags have been great, but it’s certainly the case now. I was in a store the other day and the range really impressed me, not because it was so massive, but because most pieces looked really well made and really tasteful.

novo hand bags

I bought one, I couldn’t resist. It’s all a bit dangerous really because I know how easy and convenient Novo’s website is and sometimes a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Oh well, you only live once!

The women’s handbags are located on the Novo accessories page which can be found at http://www.novoshoes.com.au/collections/accessories.aspx

Although I purchased this in store, it still fits in the ecommerce section because NovoShoes do have a pretty well known website. I also believe it is news for the women’s fashion industry but I wasn’t allowed to double up and put it into the News Category 🙁