When you picture going to the park as a little kid what comes to mind, is it getting pushed down the slide, or sitting on one end of the see-saw with your friend on the other, or running to the swing sets to beat all the other kids clambering to hop on a swing?

The swing sets are by far the most popular piece of play equipment at the playground and park and most kids stand by waiting for a turn for their parents to push them high in to the air.

Now your sweet little ones don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy their go on the swings because you can get them gorgeous swing sets from Lifespan Kids to put right in to your own backyard.

Swing and SlideNo more waiting in a line, the lifespan swing sets range from a single swing, up to 2 swings, a double glider and a slide all in one.

That means 4 children can all be occupied at the same time!

The lifespan team have made sure that even the uncoordinated handyman is able to put together one of these and has estimated that 2 men could assemble it in about 2-2.5 hours.

At $600, this play equipment is a steel.