I spent forever looking for the perfect wedding dress but I really struggled because all the fashionable wedding dresses are made for a slim figured body.

Being on the larger side and looking for a wedding dress has not been an easy task.

I will tell you now, us big girls have style and taste coming out of our ears, but to  get our outfits custom made would cost a fortune.

You spend a lot of time looking back on your wedding day as well and my folks regularly tell stories from that time in their lives or pull out photos.

I wanted to look perfect and as months went by I didn’t want to settle  for something ordinary and eventually I came across some tasteful plus size wedding dresses at The Designer Bridal Room.

If you’re on the hunt for a plus size wedding dress they’re the first place to go and look, hopefully you will have as much luck as me and find the dress of your dreams.

Here is a picture of the dress I chose.