Explainer videos are growing steadily as one of the most popular tool businesses are using to engage their customers online due to their undoubted efficiency and their affordability in growing a business. So what is an explainer video? An explainer video can be viewed as the use of animation, dynamic text, and motion graphics in marketing to explain a product or a service in a straightforward and simplest manner.

They offer four proven benefits;

1. Explainer videos are conversational in nature

This marketing tool gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, in an informal way, to potential customers online. Explainer videos with motion graphics help to engage your viewers by making them become participants rather than product or service consumers. Explainer videos help keep track on the products or service which potential customers are most interested in by showing the number of views per video.

2. Explainer videos do not get obsolete

Researcher say the average person retains 50% of what they see but only 10% of what they hear. This means that the business should increase their visual advertisements rather than word of advertisement. Therefore, explainer videos will go a long way to help the business grow its customer base.

3. Simplifies your product or solution

Customers are constantly going through white papers and slide decks in order to find solutions for their problems. An explainer video helps one develop a presentation that captures the mindset of the customers by explaining your company’s solution. A short animated motion graphics or video can perfectly fit your audience need and immediately answer their questions.

4. Explainer videos are short 

The most ideal promotional videos are 1-2 minutes. They take advantage of the short attention span of the audience to introduce the product by using exciting and flashy graphics. Normally, the customers only watch 1-2 minute video to see if it’s the perfect product for them or not rather than watching an in-depth analysis of a service or a product. The short video generates an excitement that will often lead to viewers following up your website or giving you a phone call.

An explainer video can be of great help to a business in the following ways;

Increase Your Web Traffic

Stale websites that contain block texts and images do not rank as high than websites with videos when it comes to Google search which translates to less traffic. On average, consumers take less than a minute to know if they are interested in a product or not. An explainer video will capture their attention immediately.

Other ways explainer video can help a business are;

– they are easily shareable

– they help illustrate an idea and present concept.

– they help generate increased interest.

Ultimately, an explainer video should prompt the consumer into purchasing decision. Use this promotional tool to engage your audience and differentiate your product from that of your competitor.

Here is an example of an explainer video, enjoy!